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Test your own knowledge of various sports by taking on challenges for pros with’s Sports Guru! Powered by Nostragamus, wager on all sports that you want with our collection of unique wagers for cricket, basketball, football, and more!

Featuring major leagues such as Premier League, Bundesliga, Indian Cricket League and more, wager your boldest predictions in the biggest questions of sports! Play against other players across the world or challenge your sports buds in your own private group!

Sports and Predictions

Starting as a site for sports news, Nostragamus takes betting a bit further with games of questions for professional punters! Betting on a number of matches, day-long events and more, you can win more points and cash prizes as you score correct answers!

Nostragamus also publishes their own game predictions so you can have more information and reference on your wagers.

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How to Bet in Sports Guru

Choose from a variety of markets and odds using the Sports Guru! You can easily browse home for a brief explanation of the games, join challenges and more!

Here’s how it works.

        1. Choose the challenge/s on any sport

The lobby has challenges divided based on the events. Keep your eyes on the prize as the pot money is also indicated firsthand. Choose from matches of:

            - Cricket

            - Football

            - Badminton

            - Basketball

            - Hockey

            - Kabaddi

            - Tennis

        2. Be sure to select the right game

Each challenge can have different games available each time. With international matches and tourneys available, be sure to wager on the right match before placing your picks.

        3. Play and wager on your 8 lucky picks

Sports Guru provides a set of questions and their choices for bettors. For example, one can ask you to choose which would be the game’s winner. There are also other questions that will make you choose between positive or negative responses.

Feeling confident? You can even boost your wagers through free powerups!

        4. Compete with other players with contests

Choose a contest for your picks. Each one has varying rules, entry fees, cash prizes and contest types. Here are the different contests you can join here.

            - Guaranteed (G): These are events with fixed cash prizes. Regardless of the number of participants, the pot money will be granted once the matches are finished.

            - Non-Guaranteed (N): The game needs a minimum number of participants to meet the cash prize. When players are not enough, the entry fee and all payments will be refunded.

            - Pool (P): These games are highly dependent on the number of players. The prize pool will continue to increase as more players join the game!

Punters also know how many players can win in the contest and how many have joined it. A single set of picks can be used for multiple or all available contests. Previous predictions are automatically saved so you can freely use them for future contests!

Using the indicated information, choose the contest that appeals more to your betting style and experience.

        5. View or edit your picks in the contests

As long as the live match has not started yet, you can freely change your picks based on the flow of the tournament. In the Joined section, browse your pending wagers and even join new contests for more winnings!

        6. Track your progress in the History section

After you’ve finalized your picks and contests, the results of the match will decide the points that you win. Your points can be easily computed in the History section.

        7. Win the biggest points and cash out for money

Rack up more points by joining more contests and scoring points on your picks! When all the matches are done, the players with the most number of points will win generous prizes!

As defined by the rules, here is how the scoring system and gameplay powerups decide your points.

            - Default (No Powerup): A winning pick will grant 10 points to the gambler while a losing bet will cost him 4 points.

            - 2x Doubler: Bold risks come with great prizes if you succeed or a big price if you fail. A single correct prediction will warrant 20 points. On the other hand, a wrong pick can decrease 8 points from the player.

            - No-Negatives: Wager with no losses with this powerup! If your pick turns out wrong, no points will be subtracted from your total points!

            - Audience Poll: This has no direct effect on your winnings. Using this perk allows you to view the standings on choices in a single pick. You can use this when you are unsure of your pick.

Rules to Remember

There are a set of rules made to preserve the fairness of the game. Be sure not to violate any one of these and remember important information for hassle-free transactions. In case of problems, you can count on to deliver action as fast as we can.

Here are brief explanations of some rules you might miss. For more information, view the rules on the Help section of Sports Guru.

        1. Account and Eligibility

            - When making your username, be sure to not use any name that implies violent or commercial statements. Once this is violated, Sports Guru will send a request for a name update. If necessary, the name will be changed automatically when the user cannot respond to the request in time.

            - Using scripts or bots to create accounts will also lead to getting banned. On serious offences, the prizes will automatically be forfeited and the account closed.

        2. Choosing Picks

             - Deadlines for live matches are always provided in the information. Be sure to enter your picks before the match has started or they would not be counted.

              - In case of delayed or rescheduled matches, Sports Guru will be updating its users on the new schedule of the game and deadline of wagers. Refunds will be made only when the preponement occurs when the player is still making his picks.

              - Users can have different kinds of powerups in one pick. However, they cannot use the same powerup twice in a single question.

          3. Powerups

             - Players can only use the predetermined boosts in the game. If it is violated, the contest entry will be cancelled. If a glitch has caused you to have more boosts than the allowed number, please contact the Nostragamus help desk.

        4. Matches and Contests

            - Once a punter has entered a contest, he cannot be refunded on the basis of an incorrect wager. Be sure to double-check your matches and competitions before entering them!

            - To ensure the validity of game results, the awarding of points can start 30 to 40 minutes after game conclusion. In case of problems, the conclusion of Sports Guru challenges can also last until the following day.

            - Official results are visible to all punters in the Rank section.

          5. Unprecedented Events

            - In case of an abandoned or postponed match, Sports Guru has the right to cancel or replace the said game.

            - Other specific events such as player injury can have their own rules, depending on the situation. View the Help section for detailed approaches.

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