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Rooting for seasoned champs like Lebron James, two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry, or would you rather check on the unbelievable stats of La Liga’s Messi and Ronaldo? Bet on the best odds and various markets made specifically for your favourite players with’s popular Player Props betting! covers all major leagues like the Bundesliga, NBA, AFL and a lot more! Player Props betting allows you to bet specifically on your chosen players, not just the match outcome. Wager your boldest predictions on your key player’s performance on various totals, over/under bets, and other game markets!

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Make your sports betting more exciting with our Player Props. Bet on any of our main features: the Build, Quick Picks, Over/Under Bets and Live Betting.

Build Your Winning Bet

With Build betting, you can create and customise your own bets and reap rewards based on their performance in matches. You can wager on statistics, head-to-head markets and even create a stake for a trio of players. In addition to player prop bets, you can also stake on who’ll win the match.

You can create your own bets based on their individual stats or overall game value against other players. automatically provides you with the best odds for your wagers.

Follow these steps to easily build your own wagers.

        1. Choose your player

Select your player or players from different sports and leagues. You can wager on NBA, NFL, La Liga and other available leagues or matches.

        2. Select a Bet Type

You can create your own bets following the provided formats.

            Bet Types

                - Statistic

Place a bet on one or two players to score specific stats such as tackles, passes or shots on goal. You can wager if they’ll achieve that as the minimum or on an over/under bet.

                - H2H

Excited for a rivalry? With head-to-head bets, you can put two players against each other in a bet. Here, you can wager that one will outperform the other.

                - Trios

Based on your chosen statistic, bet on the exact rank of three players after the match.

        3. Choose the Statistic

You can bet on a basketball player’s assists, points, total, rebounds, or a combination of the three. In football, you can set the stats to passes, tackles, goals and more.

It is best to consider previous performances when creating your wagers.

        4. Review Odds and Bets will provide the best markets for your bets as you make them. Enter your preferred stake and make sure to double-check your customised bets before placing them.

Choose Easy with Quick Picks

Go for game markets specifically made for your convenience. Choose from a wide selection of betting lines that vary from sport to sport!

Here are some popular quick picks for some major leagues of different sports.

            - Specific Markets (1 player)

Varying based on the sport, wager on particular prop bets for specific players. For the English Premier League, for example, you can bet that the Hornets’ Troy Deeney can score 3+ tackles.

            - Head to Head provides two players who will compete on a specific statistic, such as the most goals or shots on goal. Wager on whoever you think has the edge in these head-to-head betting matchups.

            - Game Markets (Multi’s)

You don’t need to switch your betting screen when you wager on player props since you can also bet on multiple game markets. You can wager on over/under bets with selectable point spreads.

In a soccer game, you can stake that the crowd favourite can win with both teams scoring.

            - Performance Doubles

Bet on one or two simultaneous achievements plus the outcome of the match.

For example, you can wager that a basketball player can score 2+ or 5+ shots and for his team to win.

            - Player Stat Doubles

Here you can bet on two provided statistics at once. There are various combinations of statistics available for each sport like doubles bets that include the outcome of the match.

For example, in La Liga, you can wager that your chosen player can score 3+ shots on goal, 5+ goals and for his team to win.

            - Player Stat Trebles

Similar to Player Stat Doubles, here you bet on a selection with three provided statistics simultaneously. All events must occur for the stake to be won.

In La Liga for example, you can bet that this player will score 3+ shots, 2+ shots on goal and 1+ goal.

Over/Under Bets

Wager on over/under standards on various players, depending on the sport. With the totals provided, punters can predict whether the actual score lands higher or lower the given point spread.

Bettors can still wager on similar totals such as passes, tackles and goals in football or assists, rebounds and scores in basketball. The only difference is the over or under format.

Wager on Live Matches

Exploring similar bets, you can also wager on your favourite players as their match occurs in real-time on the court or field. Live matches provide a smaller selection of the quick picks and over/under player prop bets combined.

Apart from our Player Props, also offers our own in-play betting so that you can bet on the events of the game while the matches are ongoing. Bet on the team as a whole when they score their shots and goals. You can also place a stake on some prop bets made just for fun.

Head directly to our future events in various leagues across the world. With our sportsbook, you can immediately bet on future and outright bets even before the games officially start. Join the fun when you wager on thousands of upcoming matches on soccer, basketball, cricket and more!

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